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Meet the BEIS Digital team


[Caption: Meet the BEIS Digital Team]

BEIS is an incredibly interesting and exciting organisation at the heart of government. It’s got a real focus on energy, net zero and innovation. And that’s what we as a digital team help to deliver.

One of the most exciting things about BEIS Digital is the opportunity, the breadth that we work with.

We help make services easy for people to use.

We are really into the latest technologies.

It’s about speed of delivery and agility in terms of our performance. We encourage everybody to contribute.

It's really really exciting and impactful.

[Caption: What's it like working here]

There’s never a dull moment.

BEIS Digital is really exciting at the moment because of the speed that technology is moving. Every day you find something new to do.

There is a massive demand for digital services and the work that we do in this particular team. But really, it's meaningful and valuable work that we do.

It’s not everyday that you get to work on projects that are dealing with net zero, climate change, for example.

So, my week is quite varied. I work in a number of different offices. Pretty busy, but the best thing is there’s a work-life balance.

Because we have this fantastic technology now, it allows us to work very effectively from anywhere.

I’m able to work 2 days in the office and then 3 days from home, which gives me a lot of flexibility around structuring my day.

The people who work here. The people are what make my day. The people are what has kept me here.

Everyone is fun and knowledgeable, and they really are experts in their field.

[Caption: Our culture]

BEIS Digital culture is very supportive and very collaborative.

We really value expertise and we encourage people to learn.

People say there’s collaboration in organisations, but when you truly feel it, you know.

Flexible, open-minded and collaborative.

Dynamic and modern.

We’ve got a very relaxed atmosphere inside the team, but a real focus on delivery and outcomes. And on quality as well.

It’s a really fun and inclusive environment.

Everyone is really accepting and friendly. Each day you can bring your whole authentic self to work.

It’s a really great, fun, nice place to work. Lots of great people!

The best culture I’ve ever worked in.

[Caption: Why join BEIS Digital]

To work on real life projects that have actual impact.

BEIS Digital is at the forefront of leading on technology in government.

Due to the range of work that we deliver as a department, but also the technologies that we deploy. And of course the atmosphere and the way that we work. We just get the job done.

There’s exciting change happening in BEIS Digital. And the challenge.

If you’re interested in science, technology or engineering, and you want to work in central government, there is so much opportunity to do interesting work here. If you like to try new things do new things, learn new things, BEIS Digital is probably a place for you.

And, of course, the learning and development opportunities.

We’re encouraged to take 2 hours a week to do online learning.

Oh we’re a great team! We’re an absolutely brilliant team to work for.

It’s down to the culture and the ways of working. We’re very informal. We’re like a family here.

That’s something we’re always evolving and continuing to do.

The opportunities are really endless. You'll get to work with some amazing people on some really interesting projects that help the country.

[End card: Interested in joining BEIS Digital? Find out more at: Follow us on Twitter @beisgovuk.]